Gas Off™ Chosen By Wal-Mart


gasoff_logo_webRenegade Brands is pleased to announce today that its GAS OFF™ product has been selected by WAL-MART for inclusion in 3100 of its stores in 2014.

Renegade’s GAS OFF™ product line is comprised of single pouches, flat packs and canister wipes, along with the spray chosen by. The products are specially formulated to remove even the toughest fuel stains and odors left behind on powered equipment, automobiles, surfaces, hands and fabric. With its 100% nontoxic, penetrating cleaning formula, GAS OFF™ lifts and removes even the nastiest stains and odors from valuable outdoor equipment and fueled powered vehicles.
Renegade Brands CEO Cathy Horton says, ““The Renegade team is thrilled to find a perfect home for its GAS OFF™ product. We all worked tirelessly to achieve this shelf listing, and are honored to have earned the trust of WALMART, particularly as a new start up company. This is a proud moment too for my son Charlie Horton, who invented this product while he was a student at University School. Special mention also must be given to our VP of Sales Adam Short, who dug in for the long haul to earn this piece of business for us. The product chosen by WAL-MART is also entirely made in Ohio, from the chemical blending, all the way to the bottle, label and box.”

Renegade Brands is headquartered in Beachwood, OH. The company is employee owned and run by seven athletes with unmatched experience, passion, and integrity. Renegade tithes approximately 15% of its gross sales revenue to charity, and also manufactures and sells its product line that is #1 in removing stains, stench and staph from all fabrics and gear.

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