Renegade_missionRENEGADE BRANDS

Renegade Brands was founded in 2012 and is  based in Beachwood, Ohio. The company is owned and run by a group of athletes with unmatched experience, passion, and integrity. Renegade Brands and its employees design and deliver the highest quality products that provide exceptional performance, while at the same time producing no toxic impact on the environment.


We are Renegades in our industry! Renegade Brands high performance cleaning products (Sweat X and Gas Off) are non-toxic, biodegradable with no dermal impact on skin. In addition to having 100% green products, we outperform all leading brands and are competitively priced! We are Renegades in challenging the industry’s leading competitors as to how safe their products are on clothing and skin. We are #1 and excited to exceed your expectations!

We are Renegades in business! Renegade Brands is committed to living and executing our daily business operations in a manner stepped in outreach. Unlike our industry’s leading competitors, we offer a tithe payment of 15% from our total sales proceeds to those in need! Customers have the opportunity to tithe back through our online store or in retail stores utilizing Sweat X’s “Make Your Impact Campaign.” We continue to work with over 600 youth sports organizations, high school sports and college sports programs, educational programs, charities and more to help reduce, if not eliminate the expenses associated with running their organizations!