Nano X Commercial Cleaning Products

NanoX_FinalNano X™ is a specially formulated, high performance laundry cleaning line that is uniquely designed to lift and remove all forms of bacteria, foul odors, embedded hair and the toughest stains from all types of fabrics. The proprietary Nano X cleaning molecule works on a nano-scale, and is therefore much smaller than the chemicals deployed within other detergent formulas. Because of this, Nano X does not rely on the toxic properties utilized by standard detergents to achieve its cleaning results. Instead, Nano X utilizes a mechanical process that allows its proprietary molecule to lift and remove completely the minutest matter from fabrics. Nano X is ranked #1 in the industry due to its superior cleaning ability in lifting and removing odors, embedded hair and stains from every type of fabric.

The nasty embedded sweat molecule infested in fabrics acts as an incubator for bacteria. Nano X’s cleaning molecule is small enough, unlike all other leading detergents, to dislodge and remove the smelly sweat molecule that houses all types of bacteria living in clothing. Similarly, in soil release testing conducted by the leading laundry detergent testing laboratory in the world, Nano X outperformed the leading brands to earn the overall number one ranking in stain removal for blood, grass, mud, clay, wine and coffee.

Nano X is also non-toxic, biodegradable, and aqueous based, and has a nearly neutral pH, making it the safest chemistry in the business. Most toxic detergents have a pH of 10 or more, which causes skin irritation, wear and tear on fabrics and discoloration. Our formula had absolutely no dermal impact, making it safe even for those with sensitive skin and skin allergies. Nano X also has no impact on the environment, specifically waterways, rivers and streams, and is also safe for septic systems. It is the newest form of mechanical cleaning for all fabric types that is completely disrupting the laundry business worldwide, with its number 1 ranked results in all areas of independent testing.